Small basket with English oval base

With thanks to Isobel Edge who taught me this technique in a recent workshop - noting that any mistakes in this interpretation are mine!


For the base:
1 x 10" (25cm) thin pencil thickness
4 x 5fts (1.5m) of similar thickness at butts
6 x 6" (15cm) of similar thickness
4 to 8 x thin 4fts (1.2m)

For the sides:
24 thicker 4-5fts(1.2 - 1.5m)
24 3fts (1m)
24 thinner 4fts (1.2m)


Arrange the 10" (25cm) and 4 thicker long rods in front of you as shown.

Pick up rods 1,3 & 5 and put in a pair of the 6" (15cm) rods (thick end to thin), about 3" (7cm) from Left hand end.
Put your foot on the LH side of the base, if you can.
Pick up rods 2 and 4 and add a second pair of 6" (15cm) rods at the centre. Try to hold everything in place however you can!
Pick up rods 1,3 & 5 again and put the final pair of 6" (15cm) rods about 3" (7cm) from right hand end.


Put your crossed sticks on the RH edge of a table or chair.
At the RH end, pull 3 up and take 4 towards you, over the short and 2 long sticks, then left along the long side of the oval going under/over/under the 3 pairs of short sticks.

Again at the RH end, take 5 towards you, under the short and 2 long sticks, then left along the long side of the oval going over/under/over the 3 pairs of short sticks. Hang on tight!
Turn the base by 180deg. So the all the long ends at far edge to you and are pointing right.
Continue this end the same way as the other. Pull the middle end short stick up then take the long rod nearest to you towards you, over the 3 end stick and weaving it back along the side, then taking the next long stick under 3 pairs and along as before.

Take the two long sticks around again in the same way.

Next time round, start opening up the outer pairs, and change the stroke to pairing at the corners and randing along the sides. (Always treat the pair at the centre of the long side as one). Now start opening up the groups of 3 sticks at the ends.
When you need to join in new rods, take 4 thin 4fts (1.2m) and join them using butts along the straight edge.

Carry on till large enough, curving the base up towards you and finally ending with tips. Trim the base sticks. (The concave side of your base is the underside.)



Staking up sides
Slype 24 thicker 4fts (1.2m) on the belly. Add these stakes cut side downwards, at points shown above with singles at the 8 base sticks on the curves, and pairs everywhere else. Bend up and tie or add a hoop


Start a 3 rod wale at the left hand corner, by slyping 3 rods of the thinner 4fts(1.2m) and inserting the butts between the edge stick and side stake. Wale along the long side, pulling each rod down to create a false foot. Start a second 3 rod wale at the opposite corner and chase round these two sets of weaving to the tips, try for vertical sides, or put a slight flair at the round ends if wished.

Sides and Border

I'm going to skip a lot here since it's fairly standard. Work the sides and border as you please. For the basket below, I've done 2 rounds of French randing (for the first round, I cut back the stakes (uprights) and used these for the first round, followed by 2 sets of 3 thin rods in a 3 rod wale, another round of French randing with left over thin stuff and finally another 6 rods in a 3 rod wale. The border is 5 behind 1. (This is not one of my best efforts, I was in a hurry to get it done for the group meeting - but you get the idea).

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