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Annual Exhibition 2003


2017 meetings

  • Jan 21 Informal meeting with a focus on dyeing.
  • Feb 11 (Note 2nd sat.) General
  • Mar 18 What to do with 2 shafts - weaving workshop
  • Apr 8 General
  • May 20 Clay buttons with Krythia
  • Jun 17 General
  • Jul 15 Spiining Workshop with Katie Weston
  • Aug At Homes
  • Sep 16 TBA
  • Oct 121 General
  • Nov 18 AGM and Christmas Meal and Challenge
  • Dec 9 Escape from Christmas

    As always, our meetings are very informal, and if you don't feel like joining the theme or workshop, please just come along to work on your own projects.

    See the newsletter for up to the minute details

Other workshops and events

Guild Challenge 2017

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