Ruthin Gaol....
very early, Saturday Jun 8th 2002

A very frisky welsh cross ewe - for her first ever haircut (she managed to leap out the pen and head off round the exercise yard!)

The Clock strikes 10! and we're off.........

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An International competition held in aid of Cancer Research. Each year the challenge is to for the fastest time for team of 8 to:

Handshear a sheep
Spin and ply the wool
Handknit a sweater

The Challenge is held on the 2nd Saturday in June, and we assembled at Ruthin Gaol, following a tradition for the inmates to spin and knit (socks in their case!).

Author CAJ
Last Updated Jun 2002

Is it really faster for 4 people to sew it together all at once? And the sheep is looking cold!

The clock strikes.... er, I'll not go into details here, but time really flys when you're busy!


The team finally get a rest, it's nearly dark and our time is a Welsh record at 10hrs 25 mins(I know the Shetlanders managed 5hrs 9 mins but we reckon that time must run differently that far North).The sweater center, modelled by our shearer.

The sheep, time keeper and adjudicator went home hours ago and we had to phone them (not the sheep) to come back for the final moments.

We consider that it might be more restful to actually BE inmates of Ruthin Gaol, surely working on the treadmill couldn't be that tough!

Will we do it again... hmmm... ask us when the memory has faded a little!

Thanks to the staff at Ruthin Gaol (who even provided a sheep in spite of the difficulties with licences) and to other members of the guild who provided help, support, sandwiches and cheery advice.