Chris's Spinning Wheel Howto's

Put a drive band on a Double Drive Wheel

  1. a. Use the tension screw (or tilt mechanism) to position the flyer assembly ("Mother of All") at around the middle of it's range. b.Fix the wheel so it won't turn.
  2. Take a length of unstretchy, unhairy string (Builders line is good) and tape one end in one of the grooves of the wheel.
  3. Take the string round the wheel clockwise
  4. Between the wheel supports
  5. Clockwise round the bobbin whorl (see DD-flyer)
  6. All the way round the wheel again, then around the flyer whorl.
  7. Back to the start, where you can tie the ends together
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Finally, fine adjust the new drive band tension by moving the Mother-of-All. The belt should not be too tight, just enough to grip. When you're happy with the drive band length, splice the ends together, by whipping or sewing them to make a smooth join.

Below shows the band without the wheel, you can make the band like this if your wheel is easy to lift out and replace.

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